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Come Fly With Me...Alex Skolnick: Planetary Coalition

Wanna see where a guitar can take you? Fasten your seat belt, you’re on for a ride of a lifetime with guitarist Alex Skolnick, who teams up with a busload of international artists to deliver wondrous sounds from all over the swingin’ world.

Earthy Argentine passion dances from Skolnick’s fingers on the nylon string guitar with horns and tons of rhythm on “Salto” while a complex of beauty and mystique are felt with Rachel Golub’s violin on “ Passage to Pranayama.” The caravan rolls into town on “Sleeping Gypsy” while even It’s a Small World After All as Skolnick duets with Yihan Chen’s pipa on “Return of the Yi People.” Yacouba Sissoka’s vocals and kora take you to the Sahel desert on” Alla La K’e” and “ Back to the Land” just before the leader puts you on a boat to a Greek Island on “Old World Dance. “ A guitarist’s rendition of National Geographic-all that’s missing are the pictures!