Press Clipping
Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition rocks the Interactive Theater at Liberty Science Center

The Live Music Series has already seen many great acts come through the doors of Liberty Science Center, but we’re not done yet!
This past weekend, Alex Skolnick was joined by 6 other musicians in the Chalsty Center and took the audience on a tour of global music inspiration (Turkey, China, Cuba, India, Africa and more) via native instruments such as pipa (Chinese lute), hammered dulcimer, and kora (West African harp), as well as guitars, violin and percussion.
They played selections from their recent CD release to a capacity crowd in the theater. When the hour long session ended, they received a standing ovation and shouts for an encore. This was followed by 30-35 minutes of the fan line for autographs and photos.
The ‘Guitar’ Live Music Series has added performances in December.